In 2012, there were 24,190 fatal and 3.2 million medically treated non-fatal fall related injuries. Direct medical costs totaled $616.5 million for fatal and $30.3 billion for non- fatal injuries in 2012 and rose to $637.5 million and $31.3 billion, respectively, in 2015. Fall incidence as well as total cost increased with age and were higher among women. (Burns, Steven, & Lee. 2016)


Every year millions of senior citizens across the globe have falls that result in injuries. The Centers for Disease Control notes that approximately "one in every four older citizens (those 65 years and older) have a fall every year but less than half tell their physician or families" (CDC.2016). The CDC notes that by "2030 there will be 74 Million people over 65 years old with a projected 49 Million Falls and 12 million injuries resulting from a fall" (CDC.2016).

Every year millions who fall are unable to access Emergency Personnel timely and/or Family members therefore resulting in delayed treatment, increased complications, and in many cases death.

Today's Technology assumes that after a fall the patient is coherent enough to press a button and/or activate an emergency response system but reality is many fall and are left without intervention for hours.


SafeWatch is a ground breaking technological device that takes an innovative approach to solving multiple increasingly problematic issues confronting the healthcare industry.

SafeWatch, is an all-inclusive technologically advanced device, that puts the power back in the hands of our customers every day; by eliminating the need for manual activation of incident based response systems. Our device and software (operates through leveraging the already included powerful technology of your mobile device, coupled with our available technology automated intelligence), identifies a fall and/or elopement event and Intervenes Automatically, by videoconferencing and/or calling a customer predetermined list of contacts. This is accomplished through an integrated data feed that allows our technology to respond at almost any location. SafeWatch knows that this is beneficial to our clients as having access to an advanced, GPS interactive fall and response system we are positioned above every competitor in this market space. SafeWatch knows that during a time of emergent response and/or when dealing with a client that is non-response being able to triangulate the location of the client as well as being able to visualize where they are can assist in rapid recovery and triage.

SafeWatch understands that, as a loved one with a complex varying schedule, you may miss a call; so our system has been formulated to connect you (the customer) with one of our professional team members and/or emergency personnel.

SafeWatch also wants to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of your caregivers and attendants, by offering an attendant response service (also known as a caregiver response system). Our system connects the client directly to a caregiver prior to entering the patient's room. This allows for optimized care, a decrease in anxiety in relation to staff response, an increase in customer service ratings due to track-able staff response times, and prioritization of tasks; therefore, promoting a patient specific and customer service focused experience.

SafeWatch also will offer attachments that allow for Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Oxygen Saturation Monitoring and Recording.


SafeWatch seeks to serve a population of autonomous individuals that want to maintain their independence while having the safety and security of an automated system of response during a time of unknown incidence.

SafeWatch seeks to specifically target those 60 years old and older that are at risk for injury and incidence. Giving Family and Caregivers the Peace of mind needed to promote autonomy/independence.



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